What are the goals of PEVOA?
The directive and goal of PEVOA since 2006 has been to promote standardization of the Pilot/Escort Driver and Safety Equipment requirements across the United States and Canada. To also promote standardization of Pilot/Escort Driver Certification program requirements.
Will PEVOA have Regions and Representative?
Goals of the Association are to establish individual State Representatives to begin interaction with State Agencies. As the membership grows, Regions will begin to be defined and established. The size of an individual Region will be fluid in nature and cannot be defined at this time. (April 2010)
Does PEVOA attend State and Federal Transportation Meetings?
PEVOA attends and supports the 4 regions of AASHTO and will continue to assist these Regions in addressing the Pilot/Escort Issues as they develop. Supporting this association will allow PEVOA and its membership to stay informed about changing issues. PEVOA's Board of Directors and our members are constantly working with the many States to aid in Standardization of the Pilot/Escort Certification requirements as well as the vehicle and safety equipment requirements. PEVOA's Board of Directors and our membership are constantly evaluating the changing landscape of the transportation industry and providing assistance to a all of our members. PEVOA's BOD and members have been requested to be included in various Committee and Sub-Committee positions to help address various issues relating to the movement of OSOW vehicles.

Next WASHTO, SASHTO, NASHTO, MAASHTO, meeting - Houston, TX, March 18/19, 2014
Will PEVOA help with Hourly and Mileage Rates?
PEVOA is not a union nor will PEVOA be involved in any aspects of the day to day operations of any Pilot/Escort Business. What a person or business charges for their services is that person's / business's decision and PEVOA will never be involved. PEVOA will never ask for you customer list list like other orgainizations, your business is your business..
Will PEVOA help with collection of past due amounts owed to my Pilot/Escort Company?
PEVOA has been constantly working to establish discounted rates from local and national group of Attorneys and collections agencies that can and will assist our Members with the operation of their companies. PEVOA will provide assistance, but PEVOA does not charge for this assistance. PEVOA members could retain these entities to assist them with legal and monetary issues. Should an issue affect a large group of members, PEVOA Board of Directors may elect to use Association resourses to resolve an issue that affects the entire membership or industry, if the grounds of this particulare issue has merit and substance. Should a member have an issue, please contact a BOD and discuss these issues directly.
A special thanks to the following people for offering advice concerning the formation of PEVOA?
People that have helped with the formation of PEVOA so far - not all people are listed - are:
William Patchell, California; Barbara Payne, Nevada; Betty Hamilton, Washington; Frank Hamilton, Washington; Pat and Jake Kimmel, Texas; Randy Stirrett - Michigan; Kathy Wright, Illinois; Maureen Dunkley, Utah; Carol Crump, Utah; Leonard Iverson, Utah; Jay Wright, California; and a whole lot of others over the years are making PEVOA a successful Association.
How is a person nominated to the "Board of Directors"?
Our members, starting in September of each each and as the term of a Board of Director comes to expiration, will nominate members to fill the vacancies. There are conditions that have been established within the Association By-Laws defining this process that takes place each year. It is our members that cast their vote that will establish the Board of Diretors of this Association. The Board of Directors will then elect the Officers of the Association for that single year.
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Will PEVOA be involved in standardizing the rules and regulations governing Oversize/Overweight vehicles?
PEVOA will only be involved with those issues that affect the Pilot/Escort Industry. If issues arise from changes to Federal or States rules that do have an effect on the Pilot Car Industry. Yes, PEVOA BOD and Members will be there to assist and they have many years of history assisting with these issues from the local to federal issues.
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