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Association Newsletters are available and can be viewed at the Membership Yahoo website.
Latest newsletter - January 2014. Membership input is needed - see newsletter.
Virginia - June 1st, 2006
Remote Testing for Certification no longer allowed. Certification Testing must be completed in person.
Arizona, September 21, 2006
Pilot/Escort Driver Certification now required in Arizona. Accepting Certification from States that currently have programs that meet the Pilot/Escort Best Practices Guidelines: North Carolina, Florida, Oklahoma, and Utah. Click to download letter to Pilot/Escort Drivers located in Arizona. Pilot Car Drivers will also be required to hold a valid Flagger Certification
Member Yahoo Site - November 5, 2006
PEVOA Member web site on Yahoo. For our members to stay in touch - if you have not receive the invitation, please send email to membership@pevoa.com
October 2007 -
Bi-Law Changes approved by Membership.
Nominations for 2008 elections completed.
Ballots for election of BOD completed, will be mailed week of November 5, 2007.
General Liability Insurance covering height pole and flagging now available - information available on the Membership website.
Healt Care Insurance issues being re-evaluated with insurance carriers.
Presentation to the SASHTO regional meeting in Mrytle Beach, SC concerning Tillerman issues.
Preliminary response received from FMCSA relating to PEVOA's formal request made on July 23rd, 2007 regarding the Tillerman and other related transportation issues.
WASHTO meeting in Colorado Springs finalized the draft recommendations for Pilot/Escort Standards. Tillerman languague was added to these recommendations.
MVASHTO meeting in St. Louis was the first meeting of this Region in 12 years. Illinois, Iowa, Minnesota and Wisconsin are currently reviewing Pilot/Escort Standards and Certification programs.
April 2008
Public Awareness program is being devloped and finalized in conjunction with Operation Lifesaver - oli.org
FHWA MUTCD relating to Pilot/Escort Flagging currently being reviewed
Membership Informational meeting notes are available at the PEVOA YAHOO membership website and are only available to members in good standing.
April 24, 2008, Arizona Department of Public Safety Off-Duty Officer Insurance requirements. Recently we obtained the following documents and are having experts review this information. We would advise our members not to be involved with this issue. If a Transportation Company should ask your company to provide this coverage for a ADPS Officer, our recommendation to you is to decline this request. We are including copies of these documents for your review and you may use this to provide information to your Trucking Companies of this new requirements.
Arizona DPS Off-Duty Officer Letter to Transportation Companies- N/A October 2009
Arizona Department of Public Safety Off-Duty Officer Insurance requirement document - N/A October 2009
July 2008
St. Louis MO - PEVOA supports AASHTO's 4 regions with the oversight of Pilot/Escort Driver and Law Enforcement Escort Best Practices Guidelines. PEVOA is committed to and will work with all involved including WASHTO, SASHTO, NASHTO, MVASHTO, CVSA, NTSB, FHWA, FMCSA, SC&RA and other State and Federal Agencies to further the work necessary to update these recommendations.
March 2009
Alburqurque, NM - WASHTO, 4 BOD and 1 Regional Representative attended with a session devoted to Pilot/Escort Certification. Discussions concerning how many States have addressed standardization and uniformity and how other States can learn from others sy which will shorten the learning curve for State Officials. Continue with this format at the fall meeting in SLC, Utah
March 2009
PEVOA has submitted a letter to Arizona Legislature respectfully requesting that the most recent amendments to the Flagging Legislation be removed. If enacted, Arizona may not accept P/E Certification from other States which will make uniformity even more difficult. We urge our members to discuss this issue with the industry and provide this new information to them.
April 2009
Arizona Update - Arizona State Representative Biggs has reviewed the amendments to the Pilot/Escort Flagging Bill and has assured the industry that the previous amendments would be removed when the Bill is forwarded to the Arizona State Senate at the next legislative session beginning in January 2010.
June 2009
PEVOA request sent to the United States Congress, Transportation Committee's requesting sub-committee be established to reveiw MUTCD standards and FMCSR's. PEVOA Board of Directors requested to allow Randy Sorenson, President to step down from position due to family/other business matters effective May 31, 2009. Mr. Bill Patchell, Calif, requests BOD, due to family matters, to be allowed to resign from his position as Director effective May 31, 2009. As such, John Will, Alaska was elected to replace Mr. Sorenson as the new President of PEVOA, effective June 1, 2009, Walter Bray, New York, as appointed by the BOD to fill the vacancy of Mr. Patchell to remain in this position until the next election of the BOD - end of 2009.
PEVOA is a Utah non-profit corporation, founded in January 2006
Professional Escort Vehicle Operators Association
Updated: June 2016
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The PEVOA BOD has created the following sub-committess to address the following issues:
Pilot Car Insurance Committee - review of current insurances offered by other insurance companies to aid Membership
Meetings and Membership calendar is available at the PEVOA Yahoo membership website.
January 2010
Election of Board of Directors was finalized. The BOD has also elected the Officers of PEVOA for 2010. Kathy Wright - President, Barbara Payne - Vice President, Randy Stirrett - Secretary, Samantha Patrick - Treasurer.
March 2010
WASHTO/MVASHTO joint meeting in Dallas Texas was attended by 5 PEVOA members. The Member Auto Parts Discount Program was finalized and membership discount cards mail to all members. Work continues on the Insurance Program for the PEVOA members and for the Pilot Car industry. Quartely Newsletter completed and provided to the members.
BOD Heading Image
January 2013
BOD Elects Officers
Upcoming WASHTO/SASHTO/NASTHO/MASHTO in Orlando Florida, February 26/27 2013, Pilot Car Insurance Program endorsed by PEVOA is operational and many Pilot Cars are utilizing this new insurance program.
January 2014
BOD Elects Officers
Upcoming WASHTO/SASHTO/NASTHO/MASHTO in Houston Texas - March 18/19 , Pilot Car Insurance Program
previously endorsed by PEVOA is no longer meeting the PEVOA recommendations. Committee put in place to
look at other Insurance Companies, coverage's offered to the industry and reviewing what options are available
to the industry and our membership. Upcoming Transportation Meeting need Membership input - see newsletter.
May 2015:
Video of recent WASHTO presentation concerning Pilot Escorts - click to view - 409 Meg
This a video for information only for the Pilot Car Industry - PEVOA does not approve or agree with the positions that are noted within this video.
September 23, 2015
Letter to AASHTO, WASHTO, SASHTO, NASHTO AND MAASHTO. Crash Avoidance, backing and parking sensors and the Pilot/Escort Vehicle use of bumper mounted oversize load signs and required by States Rules and Regulations pertaining to OSOW Loads.
March, 2016
PEVOA made presentation at the joint meeting of WASHTO, SASHTO, NASHTO AND MAASHTO. Crash Avoidance, backing and parking sensors and the Pilot/Escort Vehicle use of bumper mounted oversize load signs and required by States Rules and Regulations pertaining to OSOW Loads. Recommendation to all States to avoid this conflict by Standardizing the "Oversize Load" signs on Pilot Cars to be top mounted. Discussion also included a potential solution for Commercial Vehicles and the placement of the "Oversize Load" signs. Collision Avoidance Systems will be standard equipment on all vehicles in 2020 was noted by NHTSA.